Athletic Department at Joshua ISD

2015 – 2017 Strategic Plan
Vision Statement:
The Department of Athletics will strive to assist in making the Joshua ISD a highly acclaimed model of educational excellence.
Mission Statement:
The ultimate goal of our program is to provide all possible avenues for the student-athlete to achieve a well-rounded academic and athletic experience. We will provide activities and opportunities for students to develop favorable habits and attitudes that will assist them with being successful in life.

Our program will conform to the rules and guidelines set forth by the administration of the Joshua Independent School District and the University interscholastic league. At no time will the athletic program be given more emphasis than the total education curriculum.
Core Value Statements:
1. The JISD Athletic Department will provide a safe and orderly environment.
2. The student-athletes of the JISD will set goals and achieve high levels of success.
3. The JISD Athletic Department will effectively and efficiently manage resources to promote student success.
4. Athletic programs of the JISD will be a source of pride and unity for students, staff, parents, and community.

Strategic Goal / Athletic Competition = Team & Individual Sports
A.) Achieve recognition for competitive excellence as measured by team’s finish (1st through 4th place) in assigned district of University Interscholastic League play, therefore qualifying for post-season competition.
B.) Achieve recognition for competitive excellence as measured by an individual’s performance in assigned district of University Interscholastic League play by qualifying for post-season competition.
Strategic Goal / Academic Progress & Eligibility (In-Season):
A.) Provide an environment that encourages student-athletes to make a personal commitment to academic achievement and succeeding with academic goals. Expected passing rates during the season of a given sport by team:
• Varsity = 100%
• Junior Varsity = 90%
• Freshmen = 85%
• Middle School = 80%

Strategic Goal / Athletic Staff Training & Retention
A.) Provide opportunities for mandatory continuing education related to the following areas of concentration:
• Positive Coaching
• Conflict Resolution
• Leadership Development
• External Communications
• Sport Specific Training

B.) 97% or greater teacher-coach retention will be maintained annually.