Multiple Teams · Freshman A Team Gets win #19

The Freshman Lady Owls volleyball A team finished their season at 19-7 with a victory over Arlington Seguin 25-10, 25-16. The Owls finished with a district record of 10-4.


Both Sets were a testament to the teamwork of the Freshman Lady Owls as all 11 girls played an important part in the victory!

Ciera Tarr- had a strong service game as well as double digit assists and showed tremendous floor leadership.

Camyron Carey- showed all out hustle all night and got to some balls that seemed unreturnable! She also set up her hitters nicely all season and all night!

Abby Ellis- proved to be just as good at collecting kills as she is at digs- as her passing and hitting were on point all night.

Rylee Armstrong- finished her strong season with several kills, great serving, and passing as she was sharp playing all around the court!

Carissa Stowe- continued her dominant form at the net and at the service line. She did not miss a single serve and led the Lady Owls in blocks.

Kyleigh Pennell- was a critical factor in closing out the match with her passing and her hitting. She served the last ace of the match that brought the season to an end.

Celeste Guzman- continued to show her all around ability- passing well, serving well, and hitting monster spikes when given the chance!

Caroline Harris-  continued her season long improvement as a DS with excellent passing skills all match long. She also never let the team hang their head even for a second!

Emily Walker- contributed mostly with passes or digs but also stepped up and provided a spark at the net when it was needed.

Jada Jean- provided an infectious smile that lifts her teammates up as well as great passing and at least 3 kills at the net.

Last but not least, Ella Belzner- she was surprised to find herself playing both back and front row but she handled both with ease. She had several digs, 3 kills, and 4 rocket serves that were barely touched by the opposition.

This team improved so much from day 1 and they truly proved that working together, working hard, and having a coachable spirit leads getting those DUBS!

Great season Freshman Lady Owls.